Alston Wilkes Society- Greenwood / Abbeville Office

Who We Are

The Alston Wilkes Society is a multistate nonprofit organization that provides those most at risk with hope for a brighter future.  AWS gives hope and rebuilds lives through rehabilitative and prevention services.  The agency was founded in 1962 dedicated to providing rehabilitative services to adults released from correctional facilities. The effort was led by a group of volunteers working under the direction of the Reverend Eli Alston Wilkes, Jr., a Methodist minister who labored as a tireless and devoted worker in helping those less fortunate. Today, the Alston Wilkes Society providing direct services to not only offenders, but also the homeless, families in crisis, at-risk youth, and homeless veterans – throughout the Carolinas.

MISSION:  Rebuilding lives for a safer community.

VISION:  To provide offenders, former offenders, the homeless, at-risk youth, veterans, and their families the tools they need to become productive citizens.

VALUES STATEMENT:  Our primary responsibility is to those we serve.  The success of the Alston Wilkes Society is measured by how we meet our responsibilities to clients, volunteers, investors, other agencies, and each other.  We operate in the spirit of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

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What We Do

The Greenwood & Abbeville Community Service Program provides case management, counseling and employment services to offenders, former offenders, homeless people and families in crisis.   AWS Community Service Coordinators help clients make a successful transition back into society by assisting in the following areas:  clothing, food, education assistance, employment placement, employment training, housing assistance, counseling referrals, and transportation.  When the Alston Wilkes Society is not able to provide direct assistance in one of the listed areas, information and referrals are available during the case management process. 

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Contact Information

Address Information
600 Monument Street
PO Box P111
Greenwood, SC 29646
Office Hours: PART TIME OFFICE: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 - 2:00
Contact: Pat Crawford
Contact Title: Community Services Coordinator
Phone: 864-942-8726
Fax: 864-223-9969

Alston Wilkes Society State Office
(Administrative Offices)
3519 Medical Drive
Columbia, SC 29203

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